The Nuclear Program Management Centre (NPMC) of the Nuclear Power Institute is responsible for the National Position and Management aspects of the necessary nineteen (19) infrastructural issues in developing nuclear power.

The Centre is mandated to:

  • Align all nuclear power-related work processes and procedures to ensure all facets of the program development are harmoniously knitted.
  • Deliver on all programme requirements for quality control and quality assurance
  • Coordinate all NPP documentation issues
  • Manage & maintain NPI’s Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure


  • To ensure that the Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development programme is well structured to meet set out targets and time frames to satisfy international standards and best practices.
  • Establishment, implementation, and assessment of management system for the Ghana Nuclear Power Programme Organization (GNPPO)
  • To define the processes and responsibilities to ensure that internal documents and externally supplied documents are controlled by;
    1. Providing a procedure for receiving and storing documents
    2. Providing identification and classification of each document
    3. Ensuring documents go through the right process before final acceptance
    4. Management of the records of communication
  • To manage and maintain an efficient ICT infrastructure for all programme development works