The Nuclear Energy Planning Centre (NEPC) is one of the centres established under the Nuclear Power Institute (NPI). The NEPC has the mandate to undertake all techno-economic studies while accessing the technical conditions of candidate Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) designs. This is to ensure that the candidate NPP designs and associated technologies are objectively assessed against laid down conditions, the constraints and the needs of the country, so that the most suitable design is selected. The centre also assists in the assessment of the national and regional electrical grid network to fulfil the set conditions under the Nuclear Power programme.

In the Nuclear Power Programme, the centre handles six (6) infrastructural issues namely,

  • National position
  • Energy planning
  • Funding financing
  • Nuclear fuel cycle
  • Radioactive waste management
  • Procurement and Electrical grid.


  • Promoting nuclear safety and security culture as well as develop competencies to approve nuclear security plans and to inspect facilities
  • Facilitate the development of a strategy for interim spent fuel storage, transport, reprocessing and ultimate disposal which fall within national and international standards
  • Coordinate the national planning for waste disposal within international standards which should consider geological conditions, financing and tasked stakeholders.
  • Examining the terms of all international and regional instruments to which the government is a party, or intends to become a party, to ensure that its national legislation is consistent with the obligations in those instruments
  • Coordinate the funding activities and ensuring that funding plans and strategies are put in place